Nicanti Oy is the high level distributor for Nitrothermspray products in Northern Counties

What is Nitrotherm Spray System?

The Nitrotherm Spray System by Eurosider is a highly innovative spray system delivers high-quality finishing and tangible operating cost savings.

Nitrotherm creates an enhanced finish, increases productivity, reduces costs and eliminates harmful emissions.

How does it work?

Nitrotherm Spray replaces a fluid carrier that is traditionally composed of filtered compressed air with one that is clean nitrogen-enriched. With the aid of ionisation it also eliminates any problems with moisture and static electricity.

Extracted by select permeation, the nitrogen does not carry any impurities in the air such as dust, oil or fumes. As a result, the coating does not react with the carrier during spraying of any coating, whether it is solvent or water-based.

What are the benefits?

Paint application is made easier thanks to heated nitrogen, which leads to accelerated flash off and fast evaporation times.

Altogether thanks to the elimination of static electricity it allows:

  • Each coat to adhere rapidly to the surface and lay flatter
  • Normal sags, runs, drips and orange peel are reduced
  • Overspraying is minimised resulting in less paint being wasted
  • Cleaner working environment with fewer contaminants in the air